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  • Your NeurOptimal® training session will last about an hour.

  • Your trainer will listen to you to gain an understanding of how you feel and what you'd like to achieve from your NeurOptimal® training. You'll be asked to complete a short questionnaire to help determine your course of training and track your progress.

  • You'll be comfortably seated in a quiet relaxing room.

  • Five sensors will be placed on your scalp, feeding your cortical activity into the NeurOptimal® system and a pair of headphones will be placed over your ears.

  • You'll hear calm relaxing music play through the headphones for the duration of your session, occasionally interrupted as feedback and information is provided to your brain about its own activity - enabling it to improve its overall functioning.


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Initial consultation and first NeurOptimal® training session: £100:00

Subsequent NeurOptimal® training sessions: £60:00

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