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Graduating with a degree in Sports Studies and having spent some time working and travelling in Australia and the USA, I took up my first appointment in London as a government research assistant evaluating the health and fitness of the nation. This was followed by 8 years in the Physical Education department at The University of Leeds before children and family took centre stage.

But, it’s been my own personal journey since leaving education that has really guided my passion for human wellness and joy. Marriage, parenthood, divorce, promotion, redundancy, illness, sporting success – the highs and lows of this blessed adventure, have all shaped who I am today and fuelled my capacity to empathise with you and help you regain your natural balance and fulfil your true potential.

Having struggled with my own demons, I have committed over 20 years to Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and many other modalities including an 11-day Vipasana silent retreat to bring about the feelings of peace, joy and contentment I so dearly sort and knew I deserved.

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With my own children juggling with the pressures of our instant gratification society and the anxieties of university expectations and the millennial workplace; I became passionate to find ways to free them from the unwelcome mental torment I'd experienced myself, and that plague so many young people today.

I came across NeurOptimal® in early 2018, and after just a few sessions, I began to see and feel small shifts that quickly progressed to larger and more positive changes.  I now feel energised and more resilient to the demanding external pressures in life.

Through my own  experience, I realised NeurOptimal® could bring about empowering and life-changing transformations, enabling people to experience the feelings of peace, joy and contentment I had sort - without enduring a 20-year journey like mine.

I feel privileged to combine my 40+ years of life with the ground-breaking technology of NeurOptimal® to help you optimise your own experience of life – achieving your own true potential in your relationships, in your studies or in your career.​


I hope we get to meet soon...


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